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Our name is central to what we do.

By raising awareness, we aim to halt the damage that modern footwear manufacturing causes to people and the planet. Part of our ethical promise is a commitment to challenge a fast-paced fashion industry that creates vast wastage and create simple solutions to long-term problems.

Good Luck
Shoes Project

By working in close collaboration with our factories and suppliers, GOOD LUCK SHOES was created - to help provide functional footwear to migrants arriving in Italy.

To date, we have provided over 3000 pairs of functional shoes to migrants and refugees arriving in Italy.

Aside from donating shoes to those who need them, we interested in getting to know the people who are temporarily housed at these immigration centres. What are their stories? What motivated their journey to Europe? What are their ambitions? What happens next...


We are raising money for The Dream Catchers, an organisation that

gives children homes while teaching them to dance. The Ikorodu Talented Kids are a group of children from Nigeria living in Ikorodu, Lagos. The dance troupe in 2014 to get kids off the streets.

We are raising £20,OOO for a new living space and dance studio. Please kindly support and donate, so we can help their dreams come true.

United Shoe
Recycle Company

United Shoe Recycling Company is dedicated to encouraging people to dispose of their shoes and clothing responsibly by recycling through Banks & Containers placed at many locations across the UK.

At Good News, we donate old residual stock and samples that are then distributed to people in need.